Our Story

We are a group of individuals who have a dedicated passion for Muay Thai. We also live in Chicago, IL where Muay Thai is plenty, but unpopular in comparison to MMA and Boxing.

We are forced to travel hours away to fight full rules in an actual boxing ring for 3 rounds, or fly to a different country to experience being with a culture that is more true to traditional Muay Thai. Far too long, Nak Muay's (Muay Thai practioner) have demanded a chance to showcase our talents at a local level but with no one to hear us or be the voice. 

Our unheard sacrifices made evident that it was time to bond together as one community and educate the masses.

Kru means "teacher" in Thai language, and Strike was added to clearly state what we do, and thus, Kru Strike was born. Clear and direct as the art of the 8 limbs itself.

Our goals are simple.

Promoting the art of Muay Thai through solidarity in fashion. Express your fight.