Fairtex Thai Flag Boxing Gloves

By Fairtex


Genuine Products Fairtex from Thailand ,Has been designed to fit the contours of the hand. Supports up to 3 Shocks.Made from premium quality leather.It consists of a rubber sponge And synthetic rubber ,Fairtex Tight-Fit Design Gloves: Limited Edition "Thai Pride" - striped flag of Thailand.

Limited Collection, one should have in his possession "THAI PRIDE" Designed with pride in Muay Thai and proud to be Thailand. The intended pattern on the screen down to see a map. The colors of the flag of Thailand Screen wrist down to the first verse of the national anthem of Thailand took a "total bloody stand against infection Thailand" mitten version is structured like Mitt Fairtex Top Model ID # BGV1. Mitt Fairtex is a pair of hands on the screen with genuine leather. No sticker heat transfer so beautiful and durable fade.